Experience in Boot camp so far

Its chilly, no its not. maybe hot, or wait, just tense; nothing to worry about. Is it? To be honest i don’t even know. I think I am a bright guy, have always thought so. This is crush learning, like i am bogging down my brains with a lot of new information, really a lot, about python. I really love it though. Classes, defining functions, going through the tests, downloading loads of IDEs, text editors, eBooks, etc. I think boot camp should take forever, there is a lot of learning here, people know things you don’t know, you also know a lot they don’t know. Begs the question why am i not a serious programmer yet? Ralph? Baby steps Ralph, we will get there, we are almost there.

Anyway, i just wrapped up my day 1 of the boot-camp self learning assignments. I must say i have mixed feelings right now, one of joy for the things I have learnt while trying to complete the assignments, two sad as to why i had never done this before, really, why? But, at least I have started, the journey looks long, but I will walk, crawl, and run through it. Yes, i meant that; some of the codes were straight forward, i ran through them, some were a bit challenging, i had to carefully tread, I walked through them; some were really challenging, really, I almost drowned, but i crawled out. See, i still made it. I know some people wont understand why crawl through python, of all languages, what would have happened if it was java or something? But i tell you, it is french to you, if you don’t understand french, you are french if you do. I am new to python, but i am already in love with it. No other programming language has shown me bleak of light at the end of the tunnel just when staring on them. This one is mine, actually i’ll all of them. def (sum): I am learning a lot, I love the experience.