Walking in the Woods

When all you have occupied in your mind is ANGER, ALONE, RESENTMENT, PRESSURED, THREATENED, REGRETED, why must one stick to the thoughts of pain when we can have a chance to have our problem discussed over JOY, PLEASURE, HARMONY, OPTIMISM, TRANQUILITY, UNDERSTANDING, FAITH, TRUST, AND CERTAINTY THAT GIVES US UNITY.

It all depends on how we see things, if we see something that had happen as a problem, it will be a problem in our life. If we see things that happen as an opportunity for us to EXPLORE, DISCOVER, LEARN, UNDERSTAND, ANALYZE, TO SHARE SO TO GROW, then the things we see will be a PLEASANT ONE to grow together.

Why must we integrate backward when we can integrate forward together? Into the woods, is never an easy thing; in order to survive first we have to survive our own emotions. Mentally, emotionally, physically, it is important for survival.

Behind every argument, it is the regret that you knew would make you stumble, STUMBLE IN THE SENSE THAT you knew it will hurt both party it will makes you cry, and it will make you fear but you couldn’t resist from stopping the argument cause you are controlled by your emotions rather you are the one that control it.

Let me ask you this, would you rather lose the argument or to lose that person? (We have to learn to see life bigger than just a problem, we have to see the world, our life from a different angle from a higher ground, but that higher ground will only matter if you decided to act for the betterment with COURAGE, CONFIDENT, AND EXPLORATION.)

When you learn to see the bigger picture, you will understand why the 2 of you were together, it’s because the 2 of you choose to be together, it’s a DECISION MADE, A JUDGMENT PASSED, A PROMISSED FOREVER, OATH AND VOW forever and ever.

And, always remember that, it is best to lose the argument rather than losing the person.

Conflict is like the spark of a candle, it’s always there, cause it is burning, and understanding that why it burns is important, that sense of PURPOSE in the first place you guys decided to walk this path together is the greatest things ever happen and as matter of fact, down the journey there is never a smooth journey, there is always up and down, but that doesn’t mean either 1 of you have to give up, it is because you have came to a new ground a new journey that sometime what’s ahead is not known and the best way to predict what’s ahead of us is to create our own, to create our own comfy camber that allow us come back to wear we feel secure together. The right thing to do is be there for each other, being SUPPORTIVE and CARING, that’s the meaning of LOVE and RELATIONSHIP.





THAT candle spark, is always there, and we must be glad that it spark because it means we care for each other that’s why it keeps on burning, and it will and it must keeps on burning till the every end of this life.

It’s never easy to handle, but with LOVE all hardship, doubt and fear will be transcended.

Life is just very simple:

Be LOVING, and you will be LOVED.

Be GENUINE, and life will be GENUINE to you.

Make it SIMPLE, so it can be CLEAR.

Keep Believing no matter how absurd it may be~

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