The movies

I used to sell giant screen TV systems in the early eighties, a system called “The “Convertible,” which I manufactured at the time. We sold a ton of them
because people wanted to see the big picture in the comfort of their own home. I can recall some of the strangest places where we installed those systems; in bedrooms; playrooms; basements; bars, and social clubs. We even donated some to schools. Some were porno addicts, but I also remember some who had vision problems, really appreciated our system, and were oh! so happy to get one. However, as the eighties wore on we could see the advancements being made in the industry, screens were getting better, and bigger. Video recorders, HDTV, DVDS these things just killed us. But I could see its effects on the cinema industry. Netflix and the like bring us new epics within months, and it seems going to the theater is not worth it anymore. But, I truly miss the rowdy crowd. Especially like when the protagonist comes to the rescue, and the bad guys get their comeuppance. I remember the Randy Scott movies of my youth, and how we cheered the cavalry, when they came to the rescue, to the tune of the Garryowen. Man, we brought the house down. The screaming during horror movies like Them, King Kong, The Day the earth stood still, Forbidden Planet, and so many more. Ah! there’s a movie I would love to see them remake…Forbidden Planet! They’ve just about made every one out there though. However, today on the rare occasion when my son and I go to the cinema, I miss the hoopla, and excitement of my back in the day entertainment. It seems to me that soon we will see the demise of the theater, and that era- may it rest in peace. But it will live with many of us in our hearts. When we’re gone it will be but a footnote in our history. So, enjoy the nite out to the cinema whilst ya still can. (

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