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Hate, uh! Read the Quran, it’s in English, get a copy at Amazon or borrow a copy at your local library. Then you will understand the hate that fills Isl, ISIS, BOKO HARAM, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Moros, Ayatollahs, PLO, Hezzbolah, CAIRN, all muslim terrorist orgs. No other religion on the planet is filled with so much hatred towards non believers. No other religion has terror orgs as islam does. I could quote a bunch of statements from the Quran but, I prefer you read them for yourselves. Six hundred yrs after Jesus, Mohamed appeared on the scene, claiming to be a prophet. He was rejected as one by the Jews because he didn’t proclaim any prophecies nor performed any miracles. Christians believe the last prophet was St. John the Baptist, so they too rejected him. Filled with resentment, and hatred for those who rejected him, he injected his emotions into his scriptures. He found a bible, and a torah, and like a man who goes to a Chinese restaurant, and orders what he likes from column A and column B, he did the same. He plagiarized scripture, and omitted what he didn’t like. Then inserted over 100 commands to kill those who didn’t believe him. To this day muslims follow this demonic, malevolent directive. He claimed that while praying in a cave, as was his custom, the angel Gabriel appeared to him. He commanded him to read a scroll, and when he tried to explain to the angel that he was illiterate…the angle throttled him. Christian scholars note that the documented appearances of Gabriel are in sharp contrast to this account. For when Gabriel appears to Zacahriah, he greets him with, “Fear not,” and likewise when he greets the virgin Mary, also when he later greets St. Joseph, but he adds “I am the angel of peace.” Which by the way is exactly what he says to the three little children at Fatima in 1917. So when we compare these documented appearance with the one claimed by Mohamed, it just doesn’t make any sense. Scholars believe he encountered a demon or perhaps even the Satan himself. This all makes sense when you read the Quran. Some muslim scholars claim these negative hateful statements were made during times of war. But when you read the gospel there are no evil, demonic, hateful statements about any or during any war. Not at all! On the contrary Jesus calls the people to love one another; to repentance; to love and pray for their enemies; to do good and hate no one; to be charitable to all; to condemn nobody. For God alone is our only judge, and he alone can punish sinners. Not so in the Quran for they are called to chop off the heads of unbelievers, to chop off their fingers till there are no unbelievers, and there is no faith but Islam. Don’t take my word for any of this go and read it for yourself in the Quran. Peace, and God bless!

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