Typo? “We Live Among You”? Or “We Live, Um, On You”?
Shaun Dixon

We live among you is the title, but when I published it on line, and set up the website, some wise arse omitted the g. When I called it to their attention, I was told that the corrected titled: “We live among you,” was a protected site, and was for sale. So, I just decided to leave it alone and work around it. The site is: www.weliveamonyou.com without the g. I don’t have the dough nor the time to get into a legal hassle at this time. But if this novel is picked up, and becomes a hit…it is copyrighted, and I will win in court. So, the arsehole can keep on paying for it year after year because it won’t gain him anything. You have a good eye, and are the first to point this out to me. God bless!

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