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The Circle by David Eggers when a young woman named Mae accepts a role as the primary transparent face of the circle. In the Security vs. privacy debate written by Edward Snowden people are willing to give up their information for a little reputation. It’s not just the government gathering our information big companies like Google are gathering information about what people buy, watch and listen to. Everyone has three lives: a private life; public life, and secret life. Are you willing to sacrifice your life for fame?

In the Circle by David Eggers, the character Mae becomes famous, and rejects Kalden’s concerns, loses her identity and essentially becomes a cylorg. Mae risks her privacy by putting the camera on her and letting everybody watch her day- by- day routines. Meanwhile, the government officials pressure people to give up their privacy to go transparent so that the rest of the world can keep tabs on their morals. In the article “Security vs. Privacy,” people put themselves out there to be exposed on social media. Some people are what we call “social media famous” and put their entire life on the internet to get likes and followers. People don’t realize that there are people out there that can retrieve their information and use it for anything. The government can track your every move from an electronic device such as your phone at anytime. Snowden mentions in the article his relates to Mae’s friend kalden and show the world what is really going on with Google and the circle when you put information out there on the internet. Snowden stated that “A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all.” He also mentions how their isn’t an issue between security and privacy but how much power we want to commend to our government as it meets its commitment to provide for the common defense compared to the information we freely share with multinational corporations. As Mae continues to accept the role as the transparent of the circle, she starts to get a lot of followers and gets addicted to being posted on the internet.

In the article Relationships between internet addiction and subjective to happiness by Ahmet, Akin PhD states how internet addiction is also widely seen around the around the world and has produced negative impacts on relationships and aspects of many lives. This relates to Mae in the circle where it affects some of her friendships and relationships with family. Akin also mentions nowadays, the importance of the affect of research on the internet addiction has grown especially with social media. Mae lets social media and being a transparent take over her live and which she turns drive her parents to install the Seechange cameras in their home. After she had a brief accident with her own legal issues, Mae ends up agreeing to wear the device herself. Mae is growing her own role of the company epitomized by a public talk in which she insists, “Secrets are Lies”, “sharing is caring,” and “privacy is theft.” Mae’s turned into her giving a tour around the campus and showing customers future products. All of the doubts of her privacy had dropped and she really didn’t care about that anymore. Akin also mentions a plethora of research has utilized various methods that identify internet addicts and used numerous terms such as Internet dependents, problematic Internet users, or pathological internet users. In Akin studies, a wide range of symptoms of internet addiction has grown. In his study compulsive internet and social media behavior interferes with normal living and causes severe stress to family, friends, loved ones, and one’s study or work environment. Which in Mae condition it is messing with her family, friends, loved ones and her work environment. Internet addiction has been characterized by psycho-motor agitation, anxiety, craving, hostility, and substance experience, lost of control, tolerance, withdrawal, impairment of function, reduced decision-making ability, and constant online surfing, despite the negative effects on social and psychological welfare. Anxiety and frustration may set in when we can’t be social. Addicts say they realize sometimes these outages can offer a much needed respite.

This brings me to the article Twitter’s outage reminds us social media is taking over our lives by Terry Collins. He also mentions that experiences remind us that social media is somewhat of a mixed bag in our lives. It can bring a lot stress might come from maintaining a large network. He states that platforms like Twitter and Facebook have become so ingrained in our lives it’s hard to imagine living without them. Most of the world online population use social media regularly, but the services go out; it can feel a bit apocalyptic for certain people. Collins states sometimes, these outrages are Facebook. In the circle Mae can go without getting on the web and she ends up gaining millions of followers. Mae ends up being miserable that being so addicted to social media and having everybody tuned into her life. Mae ends up getting embarrassed in way and while demonstrating a program designed to catch fugitives within minutes, they uses it find her ex-boyfriend mercer who attempts to escape using his truck and ends up driving off a bridge and he is killed after drones prevent his escape from being constantly watched. While Mae is depressed she soon realizes mercer’s death with the help of charismatic. Collins states that Twitters service outrage caused on parts of anxiety, frustration and fear of missing out on the latest. He quotes, “Sometimes, a little down time away from our screens can also be a good thing,” Mae ended up wondering when time will come that people thoughts will be knowable and public information, saying “ the world deserves nothing less and not wait.

So the question is you willing to give someone else power over your public, private and secret life just to have a little fame? Let’s be smart here and not get put in a situation like Mae because it might just ruin your life.

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