Who’s watching?

Would you continue your everyday activities if you knew someone were always watching you? The government is trying to implement new strategies with the law enforcement by buying drones but the public is concerned by illegal invasion of privacy in their lives. In the book title “The Circle” by Dave Eggers the character Mae works a place called the circle. Mae was in position where she was caught on camera by her boss stealing a kayak one night. Could you deal with pressure of someone possibly watching your every move?

In the article “Drones over America” by Anna Mulrine, the government is trying to come up with a new way of catching criminals, missing people and illegal immigrants. The government is trying to come up with a business of drones systems pertaining to having flying mechanical bugs. They are expected to make a profit of over 6 billion in US sales. A law enforcement division in North Dakota has followed up in investing a drone. The communities around that are around this area troubled by the fact that this drone could be all around them gathering unnecessary information when in turn, the drone has only been used to arrest one criminal. The people feel like the risk of the drone invading their privacy and the amount of money spent to get and maintain this device does not coincide with what the community needs. In the story the circle the character Mae was on her way home and had decided to stop by the beach where she had a membership at the kayaking rental. Mae thought it was ok since she was a member to just take a kayak at any time of night. She didn’t take thought that there may be cameras watching her. Mae had proceeded to shore which she thought no one was watching her and the police had caught her before she had got into the water. Once the police had arrested her notified her that cameras were watching her the whole time and someone called in a theft on the beach. They had called the owner of the rental to identify Mae’s membership. Once the owner got there she was shocked that it was Mae in hand cuffs because she knows that Mae wouldn’t act in that type of manner. Once the police let her go she had question herself how she could be so stupid to risk losing everything. Mae had kept repeating to herself how she had jeopardized all she’d been given by the circle. Mr. Bailey who is Mae’s boss still couldn’t believe what Mae had done. She told him that she would do anything or any extra work to make it up too him. Mulrine mentions how the big concern for us is that they’re going to be placed everywhere. These drones are equipped with infrared scanning capabilities and other surveillance gadgets. Mulrine also states that drones have a quite number of technologies on board, including thermal cameras, and the ability to intercept communications. Once Mae had agreed that she would do anything so she wouldn’t lose her job then that’s when she had agreed to wearing the body cameras.

This brings me to the article: Less violence, fewer complaints when cops wear body cameras by Huntington. They are trying to start equipping police with body cameras so they can start catching more crimes. In the story the circle how Mae boss bailey placed cameras on the beach and Mae didn’t know that when she was getting the kayak that someone was watching her the whole time. Huntington states how body cameras may be an effective way to improve the behavior or the police officers. Huntington also states how the University of South Florida had done a report on a yearlong body-worn camera pilot program. It had made a decreased in complaints made by civilians. Officers who didn’t wear the body cameras also used fewer force fewer times throughout the year. In the circle they had the same concept that with placing the drone cameras everywhere would help decrease the crimes. They knew it would make more people think twice before they would take anything or commit a crime. If Mae would’ve known the whole time that there was a camera watching her the whole time she wouldn’t had took the kayak. Mae would’ve just gone straight home from there. While the body cameras have shown promise in these areas of how safe and much protection will be enforced now. Some skeptics had have been quick to point out that the effectiveness of the equipment will be determined by the policies that govern their use. Since the circle will be putting cameras all across the world and getting everybody to become transparent they will start knowing about everyone moves and everything.

In the article New surveillance technology by Craig Tumberg the article speaks about how the new technology will be able to track everyone in an area for several hours at a time. Tumberg mentions that as Americans has grown increasingly comfortable with traditional surveillance cameras. A new, more powerful generation is being quietly deployed that can track every vehicle and person across an area the size of a small city, for several hours at a time. When you first start at the circle they have track one everything you have done so far in your life. For example when Mr. Bailey had called Mae to the office and he had brought up some of her hobbies and things that she like to do for fun. Mae was wondering how he had found out all of this information. Once you sign your life over to the circle your private life is put away. Mae just didn’t think that the circle would go that far as watching her on camera trying to relax a little bit. By Mae being watched in the book “The Circle” prepared for someone may be watching over your shoulder if the government goes through with purchasing drones in the US.

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