Reporting 3.0 and SMO Announce the Launch of the Erasmus Transformation Academy

Reporting 3.0 and SMO (Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming) are pleased to announce the launch of the Erasmus Transformation Academy, an eight-month learning journey that immerses participants in the knowledge necessary to shift mindsets and trigger transformation toward a Green, Inclusive and Open Economy. Powered by Erasmus University, the five-stage Program launches in October 2018 and runs through the subsequent eight months, until April 2019.

Ralph Thurm, Managing Director of Reporting 3.0, and Kees Klomp, Managing Director of SMO (Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming) both conclude that ‘our current economic system requires a drastic change in order to spur the emergence of a Green, Inclusive and Open Economy. The idea of joining forces to launch an innovative and life-changing program evolved naturally in recognizing the value of combining the strength of Reporting 3.0’s Transformation Journey Blueprint with SMO’s commitment to tackle wicked societal problems.’

The Program

To help visualize the Transformation Journey, Reporting 3.0 borrowed the metaphor of a mountain climb from the late Interface Founder Ray Anderson’s notion of “climbing Mount Sustainability.” Accordingly, the Program consists of five modules, which represent the stages on the mountain climb towards the top of “Mount ThriveAbility.” At different mountaineering stages along this exciting endeavour, participants explore topics such as the resources needed to break through ‘predatory delay’ in corporate strategy, the tools needed to implement this strategy at their own organisations, and their ultimate role as an advocate for a Green, Inclusive and Open Economy. With an itinerary of five two-day modules, the journey has a total duration of ten days over a period of 8 months, in which participants meet at The ‘Basecamp’, outline their strategies by ‘Planning the Route’, actually making ‘The Climb’ and ultimately reach ‘The Mountain Top’ by April 2019. The first session will kick-off in October 2018 at the Rotterdam Science Tower.

The 4 stages of the Transformation Journey Program: Basecamp, Planning The Route, The Climb, The Mountain Top — delivering a successful trekking tour to ‘Mount ThriveAbility’

The climb will be guided by experts from the Reporting 3.0 team and guest speakers from organisations who have already started their own climb up ‘Mount ThriveAbility’. The trekking group will consist of a maximum of 25 participants in order to ensure a smooth, diverse and immersive journey. The Erasmus Transformation Academy is suited for everyone who is motivated to make a personal, professional, and institutional transformation. Upon completion of the Erasmus Transformation Academy, participants will know how to utilize the Reporting 3.0 tools in order to advocate for shifting the economic system collectively.

For more information about the Transformation Journey Program and for registration for the Erasmus Transformation Academy, please visit the Reporting 3.0 Transformation Journey Website.

About Reporting 3.0

The Mission of the Reporting 3.0 Platform is to help catalyze the trigger-function of reporting to spur the emergence of a regenerative and inclusive global economy. To achieve this transformation, Reporting 3.0 curates a collaborative, pre-competitive, neutral space where stakeholders from across the reporting spectrum gather to co-create the design needs and pilot new best practices for future-ready reporting. One of the five Blueprints representing these best practices is the Transformation Journey Blueprint, the basis for the Erasmus Transformation Academy.

About SMO

SMO is a trusted third party for the public- and private sector, and academia. SMO identifies wicked problems and connect the right stakeholders to tackle these problems accordingly. The various ways in which they go about this are through innovation challenges, constructive dialogues, workshops and educational programs. The newest program to be added to SMO’s portfolio is the Erasmus Transformation Academy.

Note for the editors:

For additional information, you can contact Ralph Thurm, managing director of Reporting 3.0 on +31646001452) and Kees Klomp, managing director of SMO on +31643823483).