Are Business Cards Still Important?

All roads should always lead back to your website. I know we live in a very virtual world, but every once in a while we talk to humans face to face, right?

I know in today’s business world even shaking hands has become digital. You know after you sign the contract you guys shake hands and smile. Now that’s hardly ever done thanks to technology like DocuSign and Adobe Acrobat Pro. Don’t get me wrong they have made it possible to do business anywhere at anytime. Everything we do has become digital, right from sending emails, attending conferences or meetings. As a result, there are people who think that business cards are now dead or are no longer necessary or relevant. They also think that contact management websites like LinkedIn and other similar apps have made business cards outmoded.

But the fact is that business cards are still important, and the web and technology has only transformed the way people use them.

Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why we believe business cards are still important.

Effective Marketing Tools

When you think about marketing tools, search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing would probably be the first techniques that come to your mind. While there is no denying that these techniques are great, they are not as effective as sealing a business deal in person, exchanging a business card and finishing with a handshake. When you have business cards with you at all times, you will be able to make a profitable business connection wherever you are, say at an airport lounge, a conference, tradeshow, and more. Not only that, but business cards also give a since of validation and value to what you do. How you ask? Well has anyone ever seen your facebook or any other social page and said “Wow that’s a really nice facebook page”? No they probably haven’t, but if you had a business card and they really liked it they probably would say that.

Just like your website, if your business card doesn’t strike an emotion than you probably won’t earn the business. Lets make sure your business card leaves a lasting impression. I’m eager to give out one of our business cards just to see the reaction (it never gets old).

Help Look Prepared and Professional

You know the quickest way to lose a potential customer? The quickest way is when they ask for a business card and you say “I don’t have a card, but you can Facebook me.” Not cool at all. During times like this, it wouldn’t be professional if you were searching for a pen to write down your details on a napkin. Also, you cannot expect the person to save your contact details in his or her mobile phone while you dictate the same to them. All such instances will show how unprepared and unprofessional you are, especially being a businessperson.

A business card makes you look professional and prepared to meet someone. Remember it’s a form of marketing. The person may not use your services anytime soon, but the business card always finds a way back into their hands.

With a great lasting impression by our business card leads to a phone call months later or even a year later.

In order to show the other person that you are prepared and professional at all times, you need business cards. Once you have had a good conversation with a potential lead, you can end your meeting by handing them over your business card, without having to deal with all other fuss.

Help Make a Great First Impression

No matter what business you are in, or the size of your company, when you are meeting with a client or a potential lead for the first time, you would always want to make a great first impression, and business cards help you achieve just that. You need to make sure that your first impression is as noteworthy as possible.

One way to do this is by having a unique business card design. For instance, metal business cards are increasing in popularity these days and are available in different finishes, including black metal, brass finish, copper finish, and more. There are also metal business cards with a bottle opener. Choose something unique, yet that goes with your brand or the products you sell. These cards would also be great conversation starters.

Always remember, your business card is basically your guide to new opportunities. It could get you a valuable business partnership, your dream job, or help your business make profits. It also works great in making you look professional. And no matter what new technology you get access to, business cards will continue to thrive.

Remember all roads lead back to your website. Just give them a good reason to want to visit.

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