Nailah Byrd’s Clerk of Courts is the point entry for bail bond agents trafficking in insurance contraband. They smuggle credit forms of cash — known as jailhouse credit — to prisoners who are in Cuyahoga County jails. Byrd’s pedigree for aiding criminals’ endeavors is irrefutable.

Consider Barbara Byrd Bennett. As Chicago School CEO, Byrd milked children funds for millions. Motherly example? Google details.

Besides Byrd, roughly fifty county judges, the FDIC and Ohio Governor John Kasich knows that jailhouse credit is contraband. Outside of Cuyahoga County jails, jailhouse credit is a worthless piece of insurance paper. Judges are powerless to prosecute prisoners, who refuse to pay the credit owed to insurance agencies. The law against judges playing a role in fraud prevents such two-faced prosecutions. Those facts do not stop bail bond insurance agencies from selling jailhouse credit to prisoners.

FDIC banks view bail bond credit as a bogus insurance service that is shunned by real FDIC money markets. Yet, Cleveland, Ohio jails allow insurance agencies to issue promises of jailhouse cash to prisoners. Bail bond agents con criminals to accept “their” judges approved contraband.

Strictly speaking — contraband is possessing unauthorized articles of “any form” in a detention center. ORC 2901.01 law details contraband as, “any property that is ‘illegal’ for a person to acquire or possess under a statute, ordinance, or rule, or that a trier of fact [that would be Judge Richard McMonagle] lawfully determines to be illegal to possess by reasons of the property’s involvement in an offense.”

Jailhouse credit is modeled after the Medellin Drug Cartel smuggling operation. Their contraband is worth 3 billion dollars, roughly. Similarly, judges and insurance agencies created their Medellin Cartel. Instead of smuggling drugs, bail bond agents’ traffic in contraband cash. The cash is disguised as a lawfully funded bail bond insurance policy. Not!

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