Grand Theft! Maybe?

Grand theft! Maybe? Judge Richard McMonagle has his own idea of “justice for all.” McFaul and McMonagle’s protection racket deserved credit for Cleveland, Ohio’s jailhouse credit’s millions dollar insurance racket.

Chief Jailhouse Sheriff Gerald McFaul fleeced Cuyahoga County coffers of millions of dollars. The Chief’s underlings, county workers, and the Chief Sheriff sold clambake [justice or no justice] tickets to judges, lawyers, bail bond insurance agents, and jailhouse defendants. Thrown out of office, he retired with full Cuyahoga County benefits.

Following McMcFaul, Chief Administrative Presiding Judge Richard McMonagle retired under similar suspicions. McFaul’s courthouse cash grab padded county judges and McMonagle’s election campaign ambitions.

Although retired from Cuyahoga County, Cuyahoga County hired him, again, as a visiting judge.

While again employed by the county, McMonagle draws two paychecks — forever. This time, the shrewd little judge short-circuits an election law.