Judge Richard McMonagle Skirts Federal Laws

 Kickbacks and Money Laundering attempts. Judge Richard McMonagle’s judicial and insurance crimes can NOT be disguised.

When 1.5 trillion dollars are involved — crimes against humanity can NOT be covered like buried and pirated treasure. Similar to slavery brought upon the African continent — those crimes reel in an international audience that screams out for justice. Peace, they hope will follow.

Sorry to say, “Peace ain’t happening.” And…because of predators like Richard, peace is nowhere on the deep blue horizon.

In the Plaintiff’s federal civil court case, he sees the lawsuit unfolding like this. Question after question keeps coming. Richard’s partner in crime is on the hot seat. The surety hot shot is sweating liquid bullets. His chest is rising and falling. His handkerchief is soaking wet. It no longer fulfills the purpose of mopping his reddened mug. The perspiration continues to trail off his foolish ass, burnt, tan looking face. The shyt’s no longer funny.

There are a pair of talcum powder looking, miniature, raccoon circles around the Defendant’s eyes.

It started out as a joke. But the prank is — now — laughing at him. Richard’s despicable ass is no where in sight.

Like thunderous eruptions during hurricane season, the questions hit him hard. His eyes bulge like Buckwheat of the Little Rascals. But the time for delays are over.

— Is it true (or not true) that 
475. The surety underwriter, bail agent, vehicle’s ADVERTISEMENTS are 5 (five) ways to make Kickbacks politically correct, tasteful, good to the touch and easy to swallow.

— Is it true (or not true) that 
476. MONEY LAUNDERING and political kickbacks remain federal crimes — especially when 1.5 trillion dollars are involved.

Using a government approved instrument for unintended purposes is a federal crime. Judge Richard McMonagle knew it. He still approved the instruments’ use. Cleveland of Cuyahoga County in Ohio is 1 big crime tool.


Judge Richard McMonagle, insurance/criminal defense lawyer Timothy Kucharski, and Carlyle Pointdexter of Financial Casualty Surety Company — bail bond insurance gangsters — pulled me into this shyt. I did not ask for it!

But in life, one rarely receives that which one asks for. It took me 59 years to learn that ©.