Judge Richard McMonagle Trafficked In Lawlessness !!!— Murders, Drugs, Gun Running — A Crime Scene?

Judge Richard McMonagle actions that occurred inside the Justice Center taught me what it looks like to traffic in lawlessness. He and other — voter elected and never suspected — judges in Cuyahoga County turned a blind eye to bail bond false advertisements.


Bail bond insurance agents were encouraged by Richard’s actions to scribble lies across their bail bond cars. The sham notices appeared on the agents’ car doors, roofs tops, front and rear end quarter panels. Silkscreen graphics appeared pasted across all too many car windows. Judges’ courtroom defendants wanting a break out of jail — gang members and their partners in crime — had a vultures’ eye view of the insurance scams and messages.

The list of lies included, “Bail bond agents offer free bail bonds” or “we offer credit bail bonds” or “we swap car titles in exchange for providing bail bonds insurance policies.” Crime-on-credit claims represented insurance fraud.

Upon entering and existing the West Third Cuyahoga County Sheriffs parking lot, the sheriffs’ fleet of squad cars — usually manned by narrow minded “yippy yi-yay” deputy sheriffs — cruised past those lawless messages. I first noticed their action in 2004 and their blind sidedness of the law never stopped. They did so several times a day.

The sheriff’s garage was opposite the bail bond parking that displayed misleading jail release messages. The false advertisements splattered on cars represented numerous crime scenes — dead bodies, robberies, rapes, and kidnappings — that were yet to come. The crimes scenes were funded by taxpayers’ unknowingly; I saw them as deputy sheriff job security.

Instead of making an arrest of bail bond agents to stop future crimes from occurring, sheriffs preserved, and protected the misleading messages scribbled on lawless bail bond cars. Richard, the clerks’ office, and the Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) had another partner in crime — the sheriff’s department. 
Another picture of the crime scene was on the west side of Cuyahoga County Clerk of Court Office. Looking out that West Third Avenue window, clerk’s office management, directors — including the Clerks Office Director, and lawyer Nailah Byrd — and clerk workers had a bird’s eye view of the bail bond crime scene.

The western set of Cuyahoga County Clerk of Court windows faced the same bail bond parking lot. Instead of informing county judge of the crime scene, the clerk office registered taxpayers funded bail bond loans made to the same county judges’ courtroom defendants as if the surety underwriter contracts were fully funded bonds.

In legal jargon, that action has a name; it’s called money laundering: or cheating taxpayers out of billions of dollars. The clerk’s office director used the taxpayers’ bank to finance Richard’s insurance scam operation.

Afterwards, they, and the sheriffs, released judges’ courtroom defendants. They gave special attention to defendants who bought into the fake bail bond advertising messages and policies. Once released onto the streets of Cleveland, Ohio, on fraudulent bail bond insurance policies — judges, lawyers, sheriffs, and insurance companies received credit bail bond kickbacks. 
In that process, Richard’s crime syndicate not only ignored, but white washed, the bail bond insurance crime scene. Everything about crime-on-credit bail bonds were dead wrong.

But based on last years’ newspaper reports in December of 2016, Cleveland recorded 135 murders.

This “true” story points in one direction. Most murders in Cleveland, Ohio, occurred at the hands of people (their friends or relatives) released, at one time or another, on crime-on-credit bail bonds. Those murderers worked hand-in-hand with Richard’s crime syndicate and gang members.
In Cleveland, Ohio, bail bond bankrollers bought off the law, judges, clerks, and sheriffs. Richard’s crime-on-credit industry had several layers of civil servant protectors.©