1. Earl Turner, Nailah Byrd, ODI, and Judge Richard McMonagle permitted, at least, thirteen bond insurance agencies to pocket billions of illegal dollars. 
2. Cleveland (rich white judges) created bail bond poverty — was big cash business. 
3. On 8/25/16, the Department of Justice ruled bail poverty was unconstitutional. 
4. The big business cash grab allowed Earl Turner and Nailah Byrd’s Clerk of Court Banks — to sidestep “all” FDIC banking rules. 
5. For 12 to 20 years — Judge Richard McMonagle and the Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) ruled Cleveland’s — bail cash grab business.

The author is a survivor of Cuyahoga County Judge Richard McMonagle’s public corruption program. In Cleveland — greed breeds a city full of victims.


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