Lease-to-you took on a new meaning once Cuyahoga County judges joined with insurance agencies. Insurance agencies named lease-to-you credit — bail bond insurance. Lease-to-you meant judges leased criminals to inner city communities.

Lease-to-you bail bond insurance gave Cuyahoga County judges the green light to commit acts of civil incivility. Judges loaned jailhouse criminals monopoly money and called it jailhouse credit. Why, because jailhouse credit targeted judges courtroom criminals — only. Beyond that condition, credit’s only use was to provide criminals with bail bond release cash value. And as monopoly money, the jailhouse credit only had value within the justice center. Cuyahoga County Justice Center had its on form of currency. It involved jailhouse credit.

Lease-to-you jailhouse credit released penniless criminals out of jail on bail with (Justice Center) credit. Once released on bail criminals used guns, knives, and drugs to victimize urban residents. Black on Black crime became a reality and increased significantly. Criminals used blood money to pay back debts to bondsmen, lawyers and contribute to judges’ election campaigns.

Deaths and crime rates reached record highs in Cleveland. By December 2016, 135 homicides occurred in Cleveland: the highest homicide rates in the city — ever.

A contributing cause came from Lease-to-you bail bond credit. But no study between the correlation of bail bond credit and the city’s homicide ever occurred. Judges, bail bond agencies, the Ohio Department of Insurance and the criminal justice system — and pretrial services administrated by Cuyahoga County Chief Judge, Richard McMonagle — ignored how Lease-to-you shadow hovered over Cleveland’s homicide figures.

Judges determined who qualified for jailhouse credit. Those same judges imprisoned most jailhouse criminals eventually once jailhouse criminals outlived their usefulness.

With lease-to-you bail bond insurance — Cuyahoga County judges created their own criminal justice system. Justice was based on the value of lease-to-you bail bond insurance and judges committing civil incivility.

The author is a survivor of Cuyahoga County Judge Richard McMonagle’s public corruption program. Greed breeds victims.©