Part II of Promises, Promises, Promises…

Criminals’ promises influenced prison sentences. To fix Court cases, in Cuyahoga County, Judge Richard McMonagle’s judges and Ohio Governor John Kasich’s Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) allowed Criminals promises to influence the length of jail sentences.

That political power was covered up; Cleveland’s Sport Story Is Deceiving. 
Three Cuyahoga County bodies vouched for Criminals promises: 1) Courts, Clerk of Courts, 2) bail bond insurance agencies, and 3) Judge Richard McMonagle’s judges. They and Ohio Governor John Kasich honored Criminals IOU bail bond insurance promises.

The Courts and Kasich disregarded the fact that basing bail bond insurance releases on criminals’ promises was illegal and unconstitutional. In Cuyahoga County Justice Center, honoring the United States Constitution mattered little.

Cleveland’s Sport Story Is Deceiving.
Criminals IOU bail bond promises were good as gold. In the bail bond insurance industry — IOU bills were the wave of the future. IOU promises were not only illegal, the federal government and the Department of Justice (ODJ) declared Cuyahoga County bonds unconstitutional. by

Courts pushed constitutional issues of equal protection under the law and due process aside. Instead, Courts chose to embrace criminals’ promises. While Ohio taxpayers’ were snookered — the Courts entered a billion dollar criminal enterprise of crime on credit.

Based on outstanding IOU bills, Criminals made good on promises to pay off those bills. Criminals’ dumped mounds of crimes of opportunity cash onto Cuyahoga County Justice Center. Criminals paid off IOU bill to bond insurances agencies. Paying off promises guaranteed criminal remained free.

Cuyahoga County judges approved the Criminal transaction. The promise of future cash were welded to Criminals’ IOU promises. Criminals had three choices to make good on their promises. They could either lie and steal or kill. Courts cared less.

Their concern was Criminals making good on their promises. Criminals committed crimes levied against (or that targeted) law abiding Clevelanders. They raked in millions of dollars. Cash — earned through committing crimes — was unloaded into judges and bond insurance agencies banking accounts. In short, bail bond insurance created a new game: the term was pay-to-play.”

Ohio Governor John Kasich’s Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI) cuddled up to rebate insurance. Cuyahoga County Courts in Cleveland, Ohio got into the IOU insurance business. Criminals left jail owing Courts and bondmen bail insurance money.

Cleveland’s Sport Story Is Deceiving.
Through IOU bail bond insurance, Cuyahoga County Presiding Judge, Richard McMonagle, prejudiced the Courts against justice. He authorized the use of pay-to-play rebate insurance. Richard made a promise that tied him to connected bond agencies.

The promise was to kill off unwanted bail bond insurance competition. Richard’s promise meant that he’d twist Ohio legislative and federal insurance laws to come after me.