Racketeering Richard: Ohio’s Judge, Thief & Media Mogul Part IV Chapter 1

Mobsters avoided the media and television screens. Politicians and vain people befriended the media. In 2006, as the FBI later painted a picture so clearly of a County in Crisis, Cleveland’s media and politicians were partners in crimes.

Richard’s draconian thirst for political power transformed him into a political pervert and sex addict.

With each frightful day that I lived, after having Uncle Charlie’s Law plugged deep inside of me — through the healing process the insurance bail bond con became crystal clear.

The 2005 clambake con had a relationship to bail bond insurance fraud that followed. Cuyahoga County judges had long sensed crossed the line. Like criminals, judges’ need for an adrenaline rush increased over time.

In the same line with judges, were Cleveland politicians, county prosecutors, public defender lawyers, county sheriffs, county suburban and the city’s police department. Past and present Ohio Governors stood somewhere in that line.

Cleveland’s print, television, and radio media pushed themselves toward the front of the line. Only a fool would cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face. No one in the business of news was that stupid. But everyone in the line knew the real deal about bail bond insurance. Just the same, not one person exposed the bail bond money-laundering secret ordeal.

The author is a survivor of Cuyahoga County Judge Richard McMonagle’s public corruption program. In Cleveland — greed breeds a city full of victims.


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