In 2008–12, Cleveland’s FBI imprisoned judges. Judge Richard McMonagle slipped past. In 2016, Ohio Governor John Kasich turned a blind eye to jailhouse credit. Mac ruled Cuyahoga County Clerks’ Office, which laundered jailhouse credit Monopoly cash. Insurance agencies had their man in Kasich’s administration.

Cuyahoga County Judges are secret investors and shareholders of jailhouse credit accounted to prisons accounts. Jailhouse credit burdens fall on taxpayers. Nothing about jailhouse credit benefited Clevelanders living in the inner city. Practically all county prisoners released on insurance bail bonds by jailhouse credit lives in Cleveland’s inner city.

Case numbers identify jailhouse criminals’ books. Because of jailhouse credit, cash deposits are put onto criminals’ books. Commissary deposits and cash magically appear on prisoners books. Judges, obliged to Judge Richard McMonagle, assign criminals with case numbers. Sounds fishy. It is!

The author is a survivor of Cuyahoga County public corruption. Greed breeds victims. #politicalcorruption

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