What’s Done in the Dark is Exposed in the Light.”

James P. Boyle carried on in the Clerk of Courts tradition. His racist actions couldn’t conceal Richard’s Crime-on-Credit bail bond money laundering operation — occurring in the clerks’ office regularly, daily, and consistently. Boyles’ actions on the day I encountered him brought back bad memories. I had witnessed, and was victimized by criminal actions that occurred in the clerk’s office — years before I’d encountered him. Those crimes were hid for years. But as the old saying goes, “What’s done in the dark, will come out in the light.”

Boyle carried on in the old Clerk of Courts criminal tradition.

Try as they may, judges couldn’t conceal the real charge given to the clerks’ office. The chief judge issued a standing order. Simply put, the clerks were to follow Richard judges’ orders — without exception.

The syndicate sealed the clerks lips but their actions brought plenty of suspicion. During Richard’s reign of crime-on-credit terror, the clerks’ role in his syndicate came to light.

Clevelanders may have been fooled but I’d known about the clerks crooked ass ties to Richard for years. The Chief Administrative Presiding Judge, Richard bail bond money laundering operation had found another fall guy. He was someone that reminded me of Boyle’s evil ass.

The print media reported finally confirmed that fraud, corruption, and waste occurred in the clerks’ office. However, the word money laundering never appeared in the print or broadcast media.

Richard’s syndicate couldn’t admit that washing criminal proceeds, tied to crime-on-credit bail bonds, approved by the clerks office, judges, lawyers, and bail bond insurance bankrollers — that shit had been going on for years.

Covering up the truth, the media scratch the surface of crimes committed in the clerks’ office in their report. Suddenly, the media pretended rooting out corruption was a priority. Shouldn’t weeding out corruption have always been a priority? As Chief Judge, Richard not only tolerated corruption, he approved it in Cuyahoga County Clerk’s Office. He authorized clerks to register each crime-on-credit bail bond policy.

Before Boyle, Mark Lime served as Cuyahoga County Clerk Deputy Director. At 57-years-old, he enjoyed a nine-year span of overseeing the daily operations of taxpayers’ bank and clerk office.

When the truth came to light — as the chief crooked officer in the city, by the crooked river — unlike Boyle, Mark became the fall guy. He bit the bullet for insurance fraud, and stealing insurance money.

Never once was the issue of money laundering ever discussed. That shit really disgusted me. The media worked their magic when it came to half-truths.

Mark was the fall guy. But the media allowed Richard to find safe harbor hiding under their version of half-truths. Cleveland’s media went one-step further. They found a lawyer to legitimize their cover-up.

Cuyahoga County Inspector General performed an investigation. Nailah Byrd reported that the prosecutor’s office would receive her report. The saber rattling occurred after the fact. It was a well-laid cover-up act that threw the trail of evidence off Judge Richard McMonagle. The fact remained that the crime occurred under his rule of the clerk’s office.

I could hear the syndicate saying protect Richard and the insurance industry at all cost. I saw them in action for years. What better defenders of corruption than the media, the county top lawyer, and the prosecutor’s office!

To further safe guard Richard’s connection Cuyahoga County’s spokesperson for Ed FitzGerald — who was Cuyahoga County Executive Officer — John Kohistrand reportedly gave his assessment of the criminal matter involving fraud and stealing of taxpayers money. The Inspector General’s job was to investigate fraud, corruption, and wrongdoing in county government.

Duh! If that’s the case, it doesn’t take an Einstein to see that Byrd obviously dropped the ball and should face discipline for having done so: but more on her discipline, later. Her job supposedly consisted of getting to the root of county corruption and fraud.

Aiding and abetting in acts of racketeering and money laundering was another term for fraud and stealing insurance money that belonged to taxpayers. Whoever Byrd depended on to inform her of her job responsibility, the notification came a day late and billions of taxpayers’ dollars short.

All I know is that Judge Richard McMonagle’s name was never mentioned although he ruled the clerk’s office.

But when it comes to accountability, in Cuyahoga County discipline was a code word for reward the cover-up. That was the ladder of success for Black Americans in county government.

But beyond covering up Richard’s tracks, what training had County Inspector General receive? What schooling had she attended on the job? As one of the top cops in Cuyahoga County , how and why was she equipped to root out fraud — before the fact — not after it occurred. Or was she even qualified for such a job entrusted to a public servant accountable to taxpayers?

The other possibility was that Cuyahoga County Inspector General aided and abetted Richard in the crimes of money laundering?

Richard’s crime-on-credit was flush with deceit. Because it was, second hand information came from Byrd’s Inspector General Office. Taxpayers paid for Byrd to have a media advertisement and corruption cover-up department.

Fraud and money coming up missing focused on Mark. The crime of money laundering was white washed like the crime scene 100 feet outside Cuyahoga County Justice Center. It skipped both Richard and Byrd role in those matters.

The media reported that Mark had worked in the clerks’ office since 1977. Director of the Clerk Office Criminal Division was bestowed on him in 2003. The suspected thief began by making $6,000.00. He was scheduled to earn $62,000.00 before the theft was uncovered.

To validate the cover-up, it was never mentioned that his predecessor — 
 — John Molenleski (the name may be misspelled but the truth remains) and another clerk were both removed for similar reasons of theft and missing public dollars in the clerks’ office.

To add legitimacy to the cover-up, the sheriff’s were a part of the corruption investigation alone with the media’s reporting of it. Where were they before the crime occurred? That becomes the obvious question? What about the crime scene that occurred within a 100 feet of the Justice Center everyday?

No one within the investigation openly revealed the extent of the crime Mark committed. Like all criminals, they had to make sure that their stories matched. Cuyahoga County’s crime cover-up had many facets. Mark’s involvement was just one tie to Richard’s crime syndicate trafficking in lawlessness.

When the criminal indictment came down, Mark faced two counts of theft. To that, the prosecutor tied 72 other tampering with record charges to his criminal indictment. Suspiciously missing were other people tied to the theft ring, like Judge Richard McMonagle and the Inspector of Crime in Cuyahoga County Department of Justice.

The indictment reminded me of an old saying, “close is only good in horse shoes and hand grenades.” The bomb never touched Richard crime syndicate of judges, lawyers, or bail bond bankrollers of surety underwriters.

Skirting the truth, Cleveland’s media reported that Mark stole victim of crime fees that were tied to registering bail bonds. Close but not quite completely true. The media withheld the whole truth. It was tied to bail bond racketeering in the county.

It’s reported that Mark deleted records and reports involving dollars stolen within his crime spree. It’s hard to believe no one knew that Mark erased records. Close to ten years later, and here it was Boyle who was hiding from me with public records.

Tying that to Administrative Presiding Chief Judge, Richard McMonagle ignored, deleted, altered — however one wants to word it — the governments’ law regarding Pretrial Service and bail bond insurance. He and Mark were both public servants engaged in ignoring the public’s best interest.

I saw Administrative Presiding Chief Judge Richard McMonagle prints on Marks actions. Richard had ignored, deleted, altered — however one wants to word it — the governments’ law regarding Pretrial Service Programs tied to bail bond insurance. He and Mark were both public servants who engaged in ignoring the public’s best interest. Both sidestepped government guidelines that pertained to collecting bail bond insurance funds — legitimately.

Mark attended the bail bond hearing and received a $10,000.00 bond. Previously, he plead not guilty to his criminal charges. Richard had direct authority to assign Cuyahoga County Judge Kathleen Sutula to judge the extent of Mark’s criminal involvement. Because Mark answered to judges, any Cuyahoga County Judge overseeing Mark’s case represented a conflict of interest. All county judges should’ve recused themselves. I smelled some bullshit. Instead, Sutula became Marks’ judge.

The County Assistant Prosecutor Jim Gutierrez noted that Mark out smarted the auditing and case management system. In other words, Mark fleeced the system. Still no mention of bail bond money laundering. The issue of bail bond court skips and forfeitures entered the discussion and quickly disappeared.

There were oversights in Mark’s criminal hearing that skipped over corrective measures, and inadequacies involving millions, if not, billions of crime-on-credit dollars, and Judge Richard McMonagle involvement.

In the game of county espionage, some public servant blew the lid off Mark’s protective cover. It was done to throw the attention off Richard.

Crime-on-credit and money laundering ran rampant within the bail bond business. Richard was the bankrollers surety underwriters perfect cover. Unfortunately, Mark became the fall guy and was too stupid to know it.

The hammer fell on Mark. During sentencing, he received 5 years in prison for stealing court fees. No one mentioned the fact that he mutilated court records. All of which was swept under the carpet.

Although every judge in Cuyahoga County should’ve recused themselves, and didn’t, speaks to the fact that justice was fixed just like money laundering in Cuyahoga County.

Sutula alluded to Mark’s lack of moral character. She could’ve gone a step further but she didn’t. Richard pulled off another fraud in Cuyahoga County. The prosecutor had the nerve to mention that the public trust was abused. Again, no mention of Richard role in creating that pattern for misusing the public’s trust. Mark was credited for writing the book of corruption and gambling with the public’s trust. That was straight-up bull shit. Richard deserved that credit.

The lawyer for Mark claimed Mark’s actions didn’t affect bail bonds or criminal cases in any way. That too was a crock of bullshit. Richard had, again, aided and abetted in committing the perfect crime involving the bail bond insurance business. He was the king when it involved peddling in lawlessness.

The public hadn’t a clue of Richard’s involvement. He had a direct hand in laundering money through same clerk office which Mark committed several criminal offense within. Richard knew the truth, and so did I!

Instead of Richard, Mark was off to the booty farm.

My encounter with Boyle in the clerk’s office brought back all of those memories. Boyle walked in the shadows of Mark and Richard’s money laundering scam. ©