Anti or Lemonade?

What do you get when two of the greatest female artists of all-time don’t release music for a combined seven years and get incredibly pissed off regarding their relationship issues? In Rihanna & Beyonce’s case, two of the best albums of the decade.

Rihanna is in her mind (and most of ours), the baddest female alive. She carries herself with a swagger that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry don’t quite obtain. The confidence in a single one of her nipples is enough for one entire boy band. She just doesn’t give a fuck anymore. After earning the amount of money she has and being one of the hottest R&B/Pop singers for the past decade, there’s been a lot of pressure on her plate/ash tray.

After a botched release, no thanks to TIDAL, Anti was made available to download for free thanks to RiRi since she was frustrated with the constant delays of dropping this fucking fire ass album.

Anti is an entirely different album from Lemonade, and that’s what makes it so relatable for the people that haven’t had quite the same experience as Beezus.

Anti is for an emotional roller coaster of a stoner who understands that their special companion’s good, just isn’t quite good enough. No matter how hard someone may try to impress RiRi, she’s got other shit to worry about. She’s tired of the people that have been in her life just for the money, cause she loves her money. She’s tired of the fuck boys who can’t handle their liquor and marijuana intake. She totally flips the stereotype of men using women for sexuality and puts it on it’s figurative ass.

She toys with you with subtle features, not even crediting her former flirtatious fling friend Travis Scott with a legitimate feature, just another backup vocalist. The first track is a collaboration with SZA and it immediately exceeds expectations for the album and raises the bar, but Rihanna proves to be ready for it. Track after track consists of quality bangers for parties that take self-esteem to new heights, then interludes into lowly songs that put you in an “I’m too good for them anyway” box, and the stoner’s delight tracks that Rihanna always promises to deliver on. Anti is/was simply Rihanna’s best work yet, because she was free to do with it whatever she wanted, no limitations or anything. She took her sweet ass time on it, but it was clearly worth the wait.

Where Rihanna didn’t deliver on directed rage and female group unison, Queen Bey did.

It was pretty clear from the start of the album that this wasn’t going to be quite like anything we’ve seen from Beyoncé before. Immediately in the intro allowing you to access her deepest emotions with the lines “I pray to catch you whispering, I pray you catch me listening,” it’s apparent that there’s a lack of trust somewhere, we just didn’t know with who yet.

Then shit got REALLY clear REALLY quick. Hov was put on fucking blast.

No hesitation after that intro, with the second and third songs being Hold Up & Don’t Hurt Yourself. Bey transitions from being self-conscious and embarrassed to asking if there’s a single female in the world that is equivalent to her on all levels (the answer is no). Then, on the third track, she’s literally dropping fucking threats, this has to be the most savage track of the year, let alone the world’s greatest sub tweet.


Like damn, we were feeling bad for Beyoncé for a quick minute but then realized that she’s actually more than who she’s saying she is. Being worth $450 Million, and looking like a Greek Goddess in the social media age is nothing to take for granted. She’s one of the 5 greatest female artists of all-time, and one of the 10 greatest artists arguably. From putting on concerts that literally fucking shake venues, to dropping #1 songs as often as she sneezes, and being a role model for women across the world no matter what age, Beyoncé has done it all.

The amount of artists that she works with is very remarkable, especially since the features/producers come from such a different variety of genres. Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Jack White, Diplo, Mike Will-Made-It, Mike Dean, and Just Blaze. And what’s scary is that, Beyoncé probably didn’t even use half of her possible connections… She’s the #1 female celebrity that is supposedly in the illuminati, even though those rumors are all clearly false, EVERYBODY wants to work with Beyoncé.

Every track is different from the one that comes before it and the one that follows, that’s what beautiful about the album, it follows a specific theme but the sound doesn’t follow jack shit. It’s all over the place, put it on shuffle and you can go from country to aggressive hip-hop.

Those are the primary differences between Anti and Lemonade, Rihanna takes her staples that she’s carried with her for all of her career and improves on them until their as perfect as they can be. Beyoncé takes music from a bigger population of people and blends them together into this culturally powerful and ethnic album that basically in a nut shell screams out “Don’t fuck with me.” Rihanna’s saying “Don’t fuck with me,” as well, but she’s saying it to everybody, whereas Beyoncé is throwing all of her shade specifically at Jay-Z.

So, if you had to choose between the two albums, it really depends on the kind of person that you are and what you have been through. Choose for yourself. And if by chance you have read this entire article and not listened to either of these soul disrupting albums, then drop your fucking phone/laptop/iPad and listen to that shit ASAP.