BlackSerpentsIndigo, “Drunk, nicotine fueled, with no lover.”

growing through adolescence,

i was always concerned

that one day Nikki would find her way

into MY system

via some “new” technological entity

that would be nearly irresistible.

my Aunt Mare smoked cigarettes

and it revolted me to my core.

she burned me with one once, on accident,

and it didn’t hurt like i thought it would

each ash was symbolic

of her hatred

for the life she lived.

managing a gas station,

she was forever surrounded by temptation

from a conglomerate enterprise

that wished for a new genocide

of all the world’s idiots.

i am not in the same boat exactly, per say.

nor am i a prophet,

but i did know

that this would happen eventually,

i was always hopeful that i’d have the will power to avoid it.

ten(?) years later, it turns out that i don’t.

it turns out that i like smoking a mint

an infinite amount of times more

than i do eating one.