Kanye and Chance: President & VP ‘16

This year is the year of Chicago Rap. Let’s be clear: this is not stereotypical trap music blaring through your ears along with the lack of ability to comprehend a single word Chief Keef slurs. This is instrumental music. Pianos, drums, synthesizers, beautiful choirs knocking down your doors with merely their voice boxes. It’s cooperation with minds that aren’t like any others. Kanye West, who is arguably the most influential artist of this generation, has modified the way his music sounds once again. The stages of Kanye’s development have all been unique in their own way, which is a topic that should be reserved for an entire book let alone a separate column. But this year, his transformation, was something I don’t think anyone necessarily saw coming from Yeezy.

From the very beginning of his album, The Life of Pablo, Kanye is open about addressing God, which mind you is not necessarily very popular among most rappers when it comes to ‘being at the top of the charts’. Ultralight Beam, is well, Chance said it best, “This ain’t no intro, this the entree” with an appetizer. The appetizer being the light beginning of Kanye teaming up with The Dream to achieve harmonious perfection complimented by the choir along with Kelly Price. Chills are bound to run a marathon down your spine while listening to this for the first time being that it’s the intro to the first album from Kanye in… 3 DAMN YEARS. Pablo wasn’t just an easy thing to access either, he didn’t put it immediately on any streaming services or make it available to buy on the “day of the release”. It didn’t actually become available until February 14th, when he premiered it on February 11th along with his Yeezy Season 3 collection.

Anxious was an understatement when I was seated at the premier in a movie theater located near me. I didn’t go in with any expectations regarding the features that might be on this unbelievably highly anticipated album, because Kanye already sloppily illustrated who would appear. But expectations are bound to sky rocket once you hear that initial guest verse from Chance.

Chance’s lines throughout his verse foreshadowed that something bigger from him was coming, which is more than an understatement. Coloring Book was not something that he teased by any means in comparison to his predecessor. He tweeted a couple of things really subtly, said his new project would be dropping on a specific day, had one single played on Zane Lowe’s Beats Radio show, and the only real surprise was the album title being Coloring Book opposed to Chance 3. It dropped on May 13, exclusively on Apple Music, but it was also on datpiff.com for a brief few hours.

The Rapper followed suit of Mr. West with another star studded cast. Chance displayed a consistent message across the album even through all of the waves that came in wide varieties from the features. From bangers with the members of Collegrove, or Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign and Justin Bieber annihilating their vocal performances, or Future addressing baby mama problems, Chance was never drowned in the pool of A-List artists. He stood alone above the rest even including the appearance from his OG, Kanye.

Chance is helping hold the heavy torch that Kanye is beginning to transition over to him. We can all be sure that whatever collaborations these two come up with, they’ll surely do a “Good Ass Job” with it.

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