Kendrick Lamar: Better Than Everyone at Rapping

King Kendrick has finally awoken from his hibernation of providing fresh flows, and the hip hop world couldn’t have asked for a better savior.

DAMN, potentially the most fitting title for an album since Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Papers. Kung Fu Kenny comes at the entire industry full spring with streams or consciousness very few people on earth achieve.

Once you reach the statute and have garnered the amount of respect that Kendrick Lamar has achieved, the world is a difficult concept to perceive, and typically it’s a negative one.

Fame, popularity, glits and glare are all appreciated by every other rapper but Kendrick honestly doesn’t give a flying fuck about any of that.

His primary objective is to let other mother fuckers know that they don’t got his DNA.

After careful evaluation of tracks like “DNA” and “HUMBLE”, I was led to imagine what every other artist did immediately after they heard them, the only logical reactions that come to mind are either:

A.) Sprinting to the booth trying to imitate something as creative, aggressive and club-rattling with the cockiness equivalent to modern day LeBron (which is possible for very few rappers that aren’t Kendrick)

B.) Shitting themselves realizing they have no shot at dropping any heat for the next few months until the Kendrick wave fades.


C.) They pre-ordered the album cause they’re just as much fans as they are competitors.

Kendrick Lamar is America’s only certified serial killer that can get away with slitting other A-List celebrities throats on a global stage. Jabs at Drake, Big Sean, and every other competitor are thrown, but in between the knockout blows are brain rattling instrumentals that we rarely receive from King Kendrick.

Long analysis short: we will always be able to count on Kendrick to provide us with a permanent stank face.

Now, aside from Kendrick reinstating that he’s the best rapper alive, there is a lot of correlation to To Pimp A Butterfly on this self-reflective piece of innovation. The level of intellectuality Kendrick is pursuing and sharing with the the general public is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. The album is chalked full of constant demonstrations of the struggles of personal relationships, depression, selfishness and arrogance.

Kendrick beautifully contemplates enlightening subjects that leave you with your emotions at an all time high/low. Whether he’s addressing topics that he’s afraid to communicate in simple conversation or when he’s exemplifying his value of “LOYALTY” with Rihanna.


This is not a bash at any of the other tracks because each one is breathtaking, but I can’t help myself…

My favorites are: “ELEMENT” and “LOVE”, that mother fucker just gets me, man. God bless him. “Make it look sexy” / “So give me a run for my money, sippin bubbly, feelin lovely”

The album is reminiscent of GOOD KID MAAD CITY and TPAB, but refuses to abandon the spirituality aspect that Kendrick has mastered along with the progression of his music over the years. Kendrick doesn’t shy away from venturing from those two styles, which isn’t a surprise by any means coming from one of the most innovative rappers in history.

Once again: Kendrick is on top of the world.