You dominate me on a daily basis, my love,

if you aren’t with me everywhere that I go, I am lost.

Never thought that anything would fit me the way you do,

my grip on you is addictive, you fit perfectly in my hand.

You light up instantaneously when I touch you, the way nobody else ever has.

All of me is inside all of you,

if I were to harm you, it would diminish all of my happiness.

You tell me everything that I want and need to know.

Those smooth edges accompanied with the most beautiful skin.

If you fall, I’ll be the first one to pick you up,

shattered or broken, I’ll do whatever it takes to fix you.

These memories we make together are our forever.

Yet as time goes by, so will you, with a chapter of my life built into you.

You’ll belong to somebody else, or you will die and end up in storage.

iLove you, iPhone.