How to Change Your Bad Mood in Five Minutes

Don’t even try or, to paraphrase a famous parking sign, (in New York, I think), don’t even think of changing a bad mood.

A bad mood represents one of those rare opportunities to watch time slowing down and remember various bits of wise writing read across Twitter, Quora and Facebook. It is like jumping into a mountain lake, feet going in first, then legs, then belly and then thinking: “Maybe it was not such a good idea, can I jump out, please?”.

No, you can’t defy the laws of gravity, unless you are a space shuttle, so you are going to go all in. Better take a huge breath and hope for the best, because the worst will happen anyway.

Think of all those specks of time that always flicker across and vanish as soon as they appear, settling behind you, a thick layer of dust. Yes, your life, not anyone else’s.

Moods are the only brake on this permanent movement. No moods, no awareness of time, no memory. So don’t even think of trying to banish a bad mood. Emil Cioran’s fans will know what I am talking about.

His enemies will get it too. The rest can try and read ‘On the Heights of Despair’.