Knitting a new site

I have never understood how knitting can be a an antidote to stress. The continuous picking and unpicking of eyelets, the ball of wool perpetually entangling itself, the knitting needles, sharp and dangerous. Ah, forgot the patterns, as complicated as Egyptian hieroglyphs.

I am exaggerating, of course, but all my domestic science nightmares were revived when I first started understanding what coding actually involves.

I called it knitting at first, then I moved on to another analogy. Coding is more like weaving a Persian rug. I mean the real thing, the Samarkand version. The more knots it has, the more expensive it is. It’s deep and equally soft and harsh. It makes bare feet happy. It can be washed and scrubbed like a piece of cloth and it stays intact. It weighs a lot.

Moreover, it has survived the treading test. When the weaving is finished and it is all new and untouched, the Persian rug is said to be laid down in the street, to be stamped on by human feet and camel hooves alike. If the rug has been made according to the highest standards, the wool is undefeated, it bounces back again and again.

I like to think that good quality code is the same. Hit by a million requests, living beings and robots, it delivers time after time, it can be bequeathed and it’s beautiful.

Originally published at on March 12, 2016.

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