Seize the moment, or else… (part 3)

Focus. Then focus more. There may be no better example of seizing the moment.

It is not the same as meditation, where you are supposed to let thoughts float in and out of awareness like summer sky clouds.

It is the ability to bring down in awareness one thing and one thing only.

Think for instance the immaculately blue part of that sky, to be gazed at with intent.

No eyes moving right and left, up or down, just peering into the blue.

With practice, you can start your own space journey. No flying machine needed. You’ll just fly on the flow of concentration, whatever you’re doing.

Digging ditch or writing a poem. An extra bonus is that blue is said to be a calming colour.

So at the end of the focus period, if you have the blue sky as a fixed mental background, you will have both achieved something and tamed your alpha, theta etc. brainwaves.


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