(Almost) all is vanity

Why is it so difficult for us-people to realise in how much vanity we are living and constantly sinking?

I would say that almost all is vanity.

A soul is breathing here for the first time while another is flying Home as a blink. We are all travelers…good ones I hope.

I miss you dear soul who flyed like a bird but I know that I myself will fade from here in such an unknowingly fast movement and also me-this passing flesh is willing to give birth to other magic fading souls.

There is only one place where we won’t fade and where there’s no such thing as vanity. Until we get there someone should stick a reminder in our brains that we are taking, giving, talking,wishing, wanting, creating, dreaming and breathing so much vanity.

Blessed you are, soul that is free now of all the pain and futileness that we still have to face with on this earth ! And blessed are those who are still here and know how to taste the sweet savour of divine pure happiness.

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