Is there really a right choice? Because I am afraid to believe there is. Since I might not take the righteous one. Is there really a wrong way? As I might have already gone on that path…I hope not tho.

We’re all false lovers. Maybe that’s a harsh word but most of times it is true. I am not saying we can’t truely love; all I think is that we’ve lied and hidden stuffs from our partners at least once; for their sake I know and also for ours why not?…and then I ask myself again: is that real love if I hide something from my beloved ? even if it’s to avoid hurting him

Why can’t we love without expecting anything in return ? …even if we think we really have no expectations at all then why do we feel hurt when we don’t receive anything back?

Why do we claim to love other’s imperfections when actually we’re trying to change, cover or to conceal them ? even though it might happen only at the subconsciousness level for some of us.

Why don’t we dare to say things out loud as if we’d talk to ourselves ? but instead we choose to compress them and hide it as far as possible in our depths

If only…

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