Is the Customer Always Right?

In a time when businesses try to adapt to the customer’s needs more than ever, and try to accommodate them to the best of their extent, thinking customers are always right can do more damage than good.

Understanding your customers is vital to your business for a number of reasons, but mainly it helps you provide greater services. By listening to complaints or suggestions, you can work on improving your work. That’s all well and good, but when you allow customers to take advantage of your good will, you’ll find yourself frustrated and floating in a sea of forever unpleased clients.

Yes, you need happy customers in order to run a happy business, but having happier employees is what will keep your business alive. See below why.

1. Dealing with unreasonable customers can make employees unhappy

Having to deal with bad clients is one of those things that can be really hard to put up with. It can get abusive and more often than not, your employees are going to take matters personally. So you should always look into protecting your employees. If a customer is ever out of line, your employees should have the right to tell them off even if that would cost you a sale. You don’t want to be coming near such a customer anyway, because a sale now can cost you triple in the long run for these type of troublemakers.

2. Abusive customers get an unfair advantage

And that’s simply because you’re trying to please them all. And in order to do that you go over and above, giving them a much higher and more special service than what your ‘normal’ clients would get. And that’s unfair because your ‘normal’ clients have the potential of becoming regulars, recommending you to other people, and are more pleasant to work with anyway. So do you see the nonsense?

3. Some people are just wrong

And your business is better off without them. As a reputable business, your people come first, and if an employee claims a customer is being unreasonable, then you have to take matters seriously. Sometimes people are plain wrong, or they just want freebies, or discounts, and so forth. And you can offer that to them as a gesture of good will, but you better have a black list hidden somewhere to make sure to avoid these people in the future.

Originally published at Ezy VA Blog — Is the Customer Always Right?.