Meltwater — Smart PR

If I would get a cent every time I said content is key in marketing, I would probably write this article from Bora Bora, where I would shamelessly live for the rest of my life.

And the guys at Meltwater must’ve thought the same thing when they launched their content orientated product, aimed at blending PR and marketing solutions all into one platform.

With tailored packages and seriously cool reporting tools, Meltwater managed to solve the never-ending PR issues where every time we wanted to send out a PR release out , and didn’t know exactly who to send it to, or whether the editors were interested in our services and products or not.

With Meltwater you can target editors and journalists from any part of the world. So let’s say you want to be featured in some publications in Australia and you’re selling ankle bracelets. With this little software, you can do a query for Australian publications that have written about ‘jewelry’ in the past, and have direct access to their contact details and past articles they’ve written. You can select the most appropriate contacts and pile them into a database, and once you have a press release put together you can send it across to the entire list.

Then you have to play the waiting game and see which publications are interested in what you have to sell. Remember, freebies are received very well, strong images do wonders for showcasing your products, but above all catchy titles and concise copy is the way to go when wanting to grab someone’s attention. Editors receive hundreds of emails everyday and only the ones who really put an effort manage to stand out.

Meltwater would then provide you with constant insights on how your keywords are raning, how many articles have been published within your area of interest, how many times your brand’s been mentioned, and most importantly, where. Super easy and interactive, Meltwater have reinvented the way PR works, making the entire process run seamlessly.

Don’t underestimate the power of PR. Regardless of what products you sell, magazines will always have a very strong voice. Stay media intelligent with Meltwater.

Originally published at Ezy VA Blog — Meltwater — Smart PR.