Vitals Global Healthcare Owner Mark Pawley issues belief of confidence in under-fire Director Ram Tumuluri

Since the advent of a series of allegations set before one of the most committed employees the company has ever had, VGH owner Mark Pawley took it upon himself to secure tentative elements of trust for director-to-be Ram Tumuluri. In a recent interview set up by a certain newsroom media outlet, Pawley administered his views on a series of inquiries made against Tumuluri. This newsroom had sent questions to VGH regarding the meeting which took place in New York between persons connected with the project and Malta Enterprise prior to the call for applications which were issued in March 2015, asking who took part in that meeting.

VGH officials confirmed that it was Bluestone investments, which is the mother company of VGH and which VGH officials had previously said was owned by Mark Pawley. The VGH officials have not yet, however, responded to questions regarding the identity of those involved in the meeting. This newsroom also put questions about this meeting to Mr Pawley: Who approached whom with the idea of having some form of project in Malta? Had you met any Maltese officials prior to March 2015? If yes who and when? The reply from Mr Pawley was: “In 2014 one of our representatives was in New York and was invited to attend a presentation about investing in Malta.

Malta has had a long history in healthcare dating back to the Knights of Malta, and has continued that with the pivotal role it played in both World Wars. And clearly the country’s geographical position and climate makes it ideal for both Medical Tourism and Rehabilitation. The Maltese economy was (and is) faring well, while other European countries were still struggling to recover from the economic crisis. In summary, it appeared to be a good place to build our Healthcare platform. Following this presentation in New York, we became even more interested and conducted a fact-finding trip to Malta to learn more about the landscape and the opportunity. Like any serious investor would, we did bring a number of highly qualified US physicians as content experts in healthcare with us. Their input also contributed significantly to where we are today”.

Mr Pawley did not say who the Maltese officials were or who represented his firm.

Turning to Vitals Global Healthcare, Mr Pawley said: “It is correct that Malta is its first PPP contract; however, as with all our platforms it is an organization that is designed to be scale able in its business model and structure. We do believe that public-private partnerships are a solid and sustainable model for healthcare improvement and that it will be an interesting model for other governments as well. In line with our international goals are the partnerships we are proud to have forged, including Partners Healthcare International which is based in the United States, and Barts University which is based in London, and others. The international background of the management team being assembled is also reflective of our larger views of healthcare delivery and improvement.”

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