The GSS Getting it Done Workbook — I

Chapter 1

Growing systems of success by getting things done!

  1. Adding Resources

Completed projects create resources for future projects.

GSS Daily Post: 10/27/2018

Example: I completed a presentation for the Board/Sponsors of The PhD Project yesterday.

In this presentation, I worked with Michael to develop an example. Exchanging information with Michael helped make the presentation a resource that informs our emerging collaboration

Exercise 1:

Describe a micro/nano project that you completed recently. What resource (s) were generated by this micro/nano project? How will these resources help you in future projects?

Sample Response

Growing Resources with Printernet (Canon Felix)

Village WiFi project created resources that influenced me. With printernet project, I serve villagers in many ways. As “he/she who wants to learn teaches”, the English teachings created resources that have influnced my activities:
1. As a blogger, I have to compare how long it takes for one given word or expression to be learned by pupils. This helps me to write in a manner of that helps retain information in our brain.

2. As an entrepreneur, the project helped me to meet other entrepreneurs. It became very easy to write about what they do because some of them know the place they can find me without wasting their time.

3. As a storyteller, the project helped me to develop my ability of writing English. In my country, it is very rare to see a simple man like me writing English. It is starting the day I began to follow your post that I was able to see the steps of using internet: 6 Cs. I am now able to write a story refering to GSS. Really, this project helped me to get resources. M Ichael Josefowicz taught me to do things at the right time. I was connected to him through PrinterNet Project.

Sample Response: Michael Josefowicz

Gigi Polo and I created a prototype for Printernet News for a meeting I had last Thursday with people from a printing company.

What resource (s) were generated by this micro/nano project?

We discussed possible ways that what we what are doing will help him do what he want he is doing. Since this is a commercial operation he is always looking for ways to make his Brand more valuable. After some conversation I am pretty sure he saw the synergies.

How will these resources help you in future projects?
On Friday we tweeted back and forth about his company and my projects. That connected to other printers. Maybe most important it connected to a weak link at one of the global print companies.

It is impossible to predict the future. If it plays out the way I think it will play out, this printer will use Printernet News to promote his brand. The back page is left blank for advertising. He can use that back page to advertise his company.

If he decides to do that and it works, the networks are in place for other printing companies to do the same. If that happens we have a real production/distribution for the newspaper.

If that happens, we will be able to print and distribute the Printernet News at zero cost. The large distribution will allow us to charge more for ads as well as spread the stories that give Evidenced Based Hope to many people in many places. If the stars align it could happen much faster than previously thought possible.

Or this printer will decide not to do it. So that just means finding another printer who will.

2. Growing connections

Getting things done grows trust with connections

GSS Daily Post: 10–28–2018

In the Getting it Done perspective, the emphasis is on growing trust by getting things done. People in networks respond

We grow connections by participating in conversations. As we get things done and share work in progress, our work becomes visible to others. We discover synergies and start developing collaborative relationships over time.

As an example, Michael Josefowicz has been responding to my GSS work for over two years. The release of the GSS book helped develop the collaboration. While we sensed the synergies between our work, a coherent resource on GSS made it possible for us to see how we can collaborate. Similarly, completed Printernet projects were important in developing the collaboration.


Give examples of completed projects that have helped you grow relationships with others. Have any of these projects led to collaborations (collaboration possibilities)?

Exercises 1–7 correspond to the top section of the GSS canvas.