Weaving Nano-Projects Together

Integration: 10–15–2018

How will we make it work?

As discussed in the previous article, defining nano-projects is a critical step in the Growing Systems of Success (GSS) process.

Nano-projects are short-term projects that are doable with resources in hand and have clear success criteria. Nano-projects generate resources for future projects

Nano-project ideas are constantly emerging through conversations. As nano-projects are completed, additional nano-projects become doable. Some of the newer projects may be prioritized and be executed immediately.

A tracking system for nano-projects plays an important role in making the process work for us. We track the initiation and completion of nano-projects over time, as well as new possibilities that emerge as nano-projects are completed.

The GSS Storytelling Workbook Project

After considering what is doable (and becoming doable), and discovering what is doable and worth doing now, we developed a list of nano-projects. I updated my Thortspace sphere to show my current list of nano-projects.

The next step is to figure out how the nano-projects will be coordinated in achieving larger micro-project and macro-project objectives. We are implementing transmedia repositories to keep track of nano-project evolution as well as conversations in networks. These repositories play a critical role in managing projects that take shape in a dynamic way through interactions with many people in our networks.

We are using Thortspace and github to manage the project, and Medium to share content. We have a transmedia intern who maintains the github repository and a clear workflow for the project team to work together.

Thortspace Project Map

An additional nano-project has been shown in the integration phase (greenish blue circles. We will be maitaining a github repository of all Facebook conversations to keep track of what we are sharing with others as well as contributions made by others to the project.

Github Repository

Conversations on the three GSS elements that have been discussed so far have been added to the github repository

Daily Dispatch Template


What is doable now?

List ideas for projects that are doable and that are just becoming doable now. Explain how Printernet is making these projects doable.


What is doable and worth doing now?

While many projects may be doable now, Printernet leaders need to prioritize projects. Through conversations and experimentation, they can discover projects worth pursuing in the short run.


What should I do next?

The answers to the first two questions can be used to answer the above question. We describe next steps as nano-projects.

The list of potential nano-projects (steps 1 and 2) and prioritized nano-projects (step 3) can be used to organize data collection.


How will we make it work?

We focus on designing and implementing repositories and information flows to support a dynamic and flexible project execution process.