Writing the Getting it Done Workbook

A GSS Content Development Experiment

The latest Growing Systems of Success (GSS) undertaking is writing the Getting it Done workbook. How are we going to get the “Getting it Done” book done?

Writing the Workbook one Nano-project at a time

Nano-projects are projects that are doable with the resources at hand. Nano-projects are the unit of doing since they can be done with current resources and capacities.

Our workbook will result from daily writing nano-projects. Each nano-project will result in different kinds of artifacts

Medium articles

Check out the first set of Growing Systems of Success (GSS) key terms here. We recommend this article as the starting point for GSS community members!


Read about the Ten Steps to Success here. The ten steps describes the Getting it Done workflow in terms of the elements of the Growing Systems of Success (GSS) canvas.

The GSS Canvas

The GSS canvas is a one page reference sheet and visual summary of GSS components. The canvas is annotated in different ways to produce recognizable artifacts for GSS users.


Another visual mapping tool based on the Distinctions, Systems, Relationships, and Perspective (DSRP) method developed by Cabrera Research Lab. DSRP and Plectica are used to design and deliver workbook content, and to engage users in learning with us!

Thortspace spheres

We want to engage users in the GSS content development process. Engaging users in online groups has been a part of our journey from the writing of the GSS book! We want to continue and build on this approach! Thortspace plays a special role in our content development process as we use it curate content

The Workflow

  1. Develop a Plectica map for each workbook activity.
  2. Share Plectica map and activity in Facebook group.
  3. Compile links to Facebook group posts in Thortspace.
  4. Invite GSS community members to respond in groups and/or Thortspace sphere.