Muslims Mustn’t be Held Responsible

It’s said when America sneezes the entire world catches flue. Whatever sound America makes echoes everywhere else in the world. People react to it depending on where they stand in the equation. Today the official America says the Muslims are terrorists, and some countries have already started showing middle finger to whoever appears to be Muslim. Being Muslim today means being terrorist, and I am not sure if tomorrow a Muslim will be asked to renounce his faith before being allowed into a country! 
All this is happening because less than 0% of self-appointed Muslim individuals, have committed crimes using the name of Islam. 
Looking at the picture from a wider angle, we shall realise that the American government which is elected by American people, has committed crimes of every sort in the world, without American people being held responsible! 
Who bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing millions of people?
Who starved more than million Iraqi children to death?
Who supported and still supports the mass displacement of Palestinian people from their homeland in their millions, with daily killings and humiliation of school children in checkpoints, let alone incarceration of more than a million innocent people in a big prison called Gaza strip? 
Who is killing entire families and peasants in their farms with drones on almost daily basis in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen?
Who perpetrated the assassination of African nationalist leaders such as Lumumba and Nkrumah and others, to replace them with puppet, subservient regimes? 
Who kidnapped innocent people from many parts of the world and dumped them in notorious dark prisons such Guantanamo Bay and others? 
Who supported military coups against democratically elected presidents in many countries of the world, the most recent of which is Egypt? 
The democratically elected American government has done all this in the world and more, more. Yet, nobody holds American people responsible!! 
I am in no way justifying whatever atrocities perpetrated by either the Islamic State or Alqaeda or their likes, for no sound-minded person will do that. But I condemn with every term possible the idea that Islam and Muslims must be held responsible, given that majority victims of theses terrorist groups with unknown origins, are the Muslims. 
We are looking forward to a just, merciful world where human beings are equally respected and honoured, irrespective of whatever faith or ethnicity they belong to; a just world where a perpetrators are dealt with pursuant to the law in force, whether they are individuals, groups or even governments. Should anyone be above the law, there will always be chaos and all of us will pay the price, no matter where we stand.

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