‘Not Now : Then when’

“Time!” I really don’t understand the meaning and importance of it at certain juncture. Very few people have mastered the art of tackling and taming time. Well I don’t want to understand what exactly time is but simply want to live it to the fullest. Because the time you wasted enjoying is not really wasted ;) :)

Lazy bones kills the insights in most of us. And I think am forever guilty for this! There are sooooo many things on my to-do list! Personal attention is knocking my door for so long but am highly being ignorant about it (I think most of us are).

I know there is a different kind of pleasure in being a couch potato ;)
Yet we need to shook ourselves to be motivated & keep doing some or the other productive stuff ALWAYS. Let the energies within us flow to do some or the other creative shit, get high on laughters, sing songs to the loudest, bake your own cake, gossip with your BEST friends, manage to at least read two pages of some book, make someone else’s bed, share things with parents, hang-out with your grand parents and on and on and on.

If you want to:- help anyone, buy a gift, send a message, convey your feelings, make dinner, exercise, decorate room, get flowers for someone, etc etc. 
DO IT NOW! Just get going…. let the energies within us flow!

SO HIGH TIME! Pull up the socks, wake up your mind & get started with the to-do’s because if ‘Not Now : Then when’

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