Who will benefit from MakeMyTrip + Goibibo merger ? What Impact on otas like Yatra or cleartrip ?

All I can think after a merger is the overall acquisition of the customer base that they were having individually. Also, MMT is strong in Packages whereas Goibibo is strong in Hotels & Flight’s domain. Now that this two decided to shake hands you can think of Zero Competitions!!

Impact on Yatra / cleartrip

Impact on OTA’s like Yatra or cleartrip would be very much since they would now be fighting against the single most OTA who would now have the largest inventory in terms of Hotels & Flights.

And since in travel domain the more you sell the better rates you’ll get and better margins you can earn, this merger would definitely put more holes in the revenues of other OTAs.

The consolidation of the two companies will perhaps lead to a better outcome for the companies, but not for the customers. While airfares were already in at a multi-year low, the OTAs used to even discount these even further and make them cheaper.Perhaps this will stop, or slow down now, given the sector now has one less major player. The other major Indian OTAs now will be ClearTrip and Yatra, which is in the process of getting listed on NASDAQ as well.

Imagine a case where big e-commerce two players like Flipkart and Snapdeal come together. What would be the possible impact for the end consumer? Possibly, discounts will take a back seat as they won’t be competing against each other.

MMT and Goibibo were spending aggressively on hotel discounting, and now this should slow down and also should give them a better position to deal with the sellers of this inventory.

For me as a customer, discounts and promotions will definitely reduce. So brace to pay a little more money for your flights and a lot more for your hotel rooms.

Impact on budget hotel platform

Perhaps this is slightly good news for budget hotel platform , and this merger undoubtedly brings in confidence in the overall travel space in India and startups working in this industry .

With increasing of the internet growth, the online travel industry in India continue for next minimum 5 years and it would be exciting to see how this merger shapes