Real-ity v/s Human-ity

My life is finding this fact of what is being human mean. Why do i feel world around me is fake and i m real?. Why do people do same shit again and again every day ? . How do they live a human life?.Weird isn’t it .

Every day i get up i brush with same teeth and i wonder how many people else are brushing their’s at the same time ( morning’s you know brings the crap in me ) . Nowadays phones are used more on alarms,notifications and making human tell themselves what to do at a specific time. That seems to be stupid and others who gives that service are minting money. ( God help these people ).

I have just two words to live my life — Let GO!!!!!!. Do not think i am weak because i am but just human. Words like thank you , aww , sorry , sure are used like cells generating inside your body every second. People say its the era of growth and development. Yes being an aspiring entreprenuer i agree on that. But i hate way how people behave.

World( not being generic ) — has come up to a stage where each person are meant to be in a certain way to get recognized . Few have six packs of abs, few have six packs of just water . Tell me whats the difference . Why run behind someone who cares about only their body and not soul of others.

I gave up to understand what is real and start being a human. Usually i do not judge people from their appearances but by their soul and human nature they possess. And that is termed “weird” nowadays . Why is that?

I love music and i like it so much to have it in my ears all the time from nice trance to a soothing music to my dreams in the night. I may be only person who runs with a bag on his shoulders which has a speaker while jogging. Everyone laughs , i wonder why . World in my eyes is something different and i do not like it way it is.

I do not have a great body to go gaga at it, i am not normal ( now what is normal ? ) , i go to music festival’s mostly alone because there its just me and music talking to me conveying how it feels to just float and not land in one’s heart. People have different reason’s to live life , but they forget one thing “You do not need to live life to face death, but need to die every day in your mind with music and urself to live forever in people’s hearts”.

People do not talk much to me because i am always in my own world but if they at least try to be human they might find some similarity in me. I love the sound of water dropping down a broken pipe near me right now, it has its own voice but nobody hearing to it but just me . Nature and world has so many things which talk to you, but people tend to not reply back but only harm the same.

More to come ……

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