Yesterday, over 50 of my classmates from school came together on a video call for the first time. We had passed out of school in 1977.

I wrote about the interaction.

In 1977, hundreds of fresh saplings left the Nursery to manifest their destinies in the world.

A decade ago…

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Last year I was at the Sub-Registrar’s office at Ramanagaram near Bangalore. My mother, my brother-in-law, and I were buying residential sites (plots of land) and this registration process was the final frontier to be crossed.

A Government office in South India has a typical feel. Like all old Government…

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Bicycles and memories are back!

Much of my childhood was spent in Karol Bagh, New Delhi. I learned to cycle on my uncle’s bicycle. My uncle also stayed in Karol Bagh but quite a few blocks away.

His was the conventional tall and black Atlas bicycle, a sturdy machine with…

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The picture of a serpentine queue at a liquor shop in Bangalore in May made newspaper headlines. The queue was much longer because of social distancing.

Honestly, I was quite surprised looking at the picture. People waited in peace awaiting their dose of spirit.

I lived in New Delhi for…

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I lived in New Delhi for more than four decades and with hundreds of cups of tea (chai, in Hindi) all around me, I ended up as a devotea.

College and tea

Once I entered college, I was introduced to our college canteen, the hub of idealism. I used to love having stimulating…

Over the last few days, my wife, Jyothi, and I have been going around the lake next to our apartment complex for our morning walks.

The 23-acre Alahalli lake is being developed. A lot of work is already done. The lake was cleared of weeds, emptied, and desilted. New pipelines…

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As the Lockdown 4.0 got announced yesterday, like the entire nation, we too are awaiting more details.

It appears that the most important regulation that affects our family at this time is whether our househelp, Nagamma, can return to work. We don’t seem to be as desperate as Nagamma is.

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My father passed away peacefully on May 12th, 2010 at the age of 84 years.

I have learned precious life lessons from him. But before that, a little background on my father.

My father was born in Irinjalakuda which continues to be a small town in Kerala. His family was…

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