How I got present about my comfortable zone?

Everyday we read motivational shit everywhere on social media, friends feed, popular inspirational pages, think over it for 5 mins and forget it another minute.

There was a time when I was aimless in my life, I did have many interests but, none of them came forward which could really inspire me to pursue. For the things which matters to me in my life were unapproachable in my stories I created it for myself.

Coming little ahead…

One of my interest was to fix my English errors by learning more about this language. I found the way which was to get enrolled for weekend classes at ‘British Council’ in Delhi for 3 months. Yet again, my self created story came forward and tried to shut down this thought by telling me “How would I travel every weekend?” Somehow it did help out to fade it.

The next day, when I was talking to my cousin about this, after listening to me she asked me simple question that “Why I’m getting stopped if I really want to do this?” And also pumped me up to go for it.

That single question changed my perspective and kept me thinking about it.

Somehow, I got present about my comfortable zone for the first time and realised that, If I didn’t take any action this time, would be doing the same whole my life.

I randomly filled out my form and deposited my fees online and was ready to go for my first class, the next weekend. Period.