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I have a love-hate relationship with the gadgets I own and use. Dishwasher is no exception. I got used to the convenience of the Dishwasher when it became part of the living amenities during my stint at Columbus Ohio and Cambridge MA. Come to think of it, during my Dubai days as well. While we are setting up our new home at outskirts of Coimbatore, it was a no-brainier decision to buy a Bosch Dishwasher.

It sometimes amazes me that how/why the Dishwasher has not invaded the Indian middle-class psyche. I guess we are so used to the human touch offered by the household help, that doing the same activity with a machine seems so foreign.

One common objection for Dishwasher is, the need for rinsing and arranging the utensils in a particular way for cleaning effectiveness is more effort than doing the whole cleaning manually. And the Indian cooking style, stains is not a good match for the dishwasher.

Yes these objections are valid, yet, only if there is wide enough adoption, these little little mismatches will get tackled and the product evolve to meet the expectations of the market.

I guess the root of the problem is with the marketers of the Dishwasher makers. They wish to position it as a high-tech lifestyle product. But people who are rich can well afford multiple household help and know how to get maximum value out. So there is no volumes worth mentioning.

This kind of ‘Dishwasher is a high-lifestyle product’ myth got reinforced recently by the ecommerce dynamics.

Since there is not much of an installed base for Dishwashers, the market for Dishwasher consumables like detergent, rinse aid, salt etc is minuscule. Thus the typical departmental store will find it unsustainable to stock them. But how are the sparsely distributed Dishwasher users getting there consumables? Voila, E-commerce to the rescue!

Interestingly, the official Finish dishwasher products online site was previously powered by Now it is powered by

Aha, ha — finds it compelling to go after the minuscule market that it bothers to create a fancy shortcut url Now, Amazon has a virtual monopoly on Finish dishwasher products distribution in India. This way Amazon gets to profile the ‘high-lifestyle’ consumers!

One mans food is another mans poison. One set of marketers fail is another marketers FTW tool.

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