Me, my cane and a Target campaign.
Angel Dixon

Hi Angel…..I spotted you in the Target ad and decided to Google……. ‘girl with cane in Target ad’ (yeah, I’m SO good at Googling!) and found this link. And I’m so glad I did! I don’t have a disability per se, however as an ‘older Australian’ carrying a few old injuries and a LOT of extra weight, it means my mobility has been affected and even I don’t feel like I belong in the mainstream of Australian society any more, so I can appreciate how this feels. Most times I feel completely invisible and overlooked because I’m an overweight, white-haired older lady. Which is itself ironic, given how much space I take up! What people don’t know is that at 60 I’m also a motorcyclist and run my own trike tour business, as well as a being pretty good artist and singer. That’s not to boast, but to illustrate that people make assumptions about others based on how they look and what they can and can’t do compared to themselves. I think work you are doing to make that subtle change in perception that, yes, not everyone enjoys robust free movement but still deserve their place and the right to be heard and seen in the same way as everybody else is worthy and right and I wish you every success.