Diary of A Failed Communications Officer: About a Week Agooo!

About a week ago, I openly declared my failure. To be sure, I’m not courageous for exposing my defeat. Rather I’m too afraid of being a middling practitioner of modern communications, too afraid to become deaf to the faint whisper of creativity within me, and too afraid to regret in old age that I didn’t try.

This is my open theatre of therapy to question and explore. Below is a list of projects I will be working on and sharing. Some will be good, some will be terrible, but all will be sincere attempts that reflect not just who I am but also a vision of who I will become.

Projects: All can found on my website, paparazzopascal.com and my social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, @paparazzopascal)

*All projects are working titles*

  1. Comms Dispatch: Share my insights on modern communications (LinkedIn only).
  2. Travel Dairies: A short narrative for the images I took aboard.
  3. Photographer’s Playbook: Every month I do one project from the book.
  4. Brother Project: My brother and I pick one card from the travel card game “Anywhere” and we follow the prompts and take photos of our adventures. Did I mention he’s in another state?
  5. The Emperor’s Podcast: I read my favorite passages from Marcus Aurelius’ “The Emperor’s Handbook” and voice record my modern thoughts on his insights.
  6. Drawing Photos: I’ll draw high contrast scenes from photography and cinematography to better understand what makes a compelling composition.
  7. 365: Take one photo every day for a year. Today, I’m on day 187, 179 more to go (September 2, 2019)!
  8. The Book of Questions: I answer one question daily and make a visual representation of my answer.
  9. Tell Me a Story: I interview people close to me to understand them better.
“The only thing that counts is curiosity. For me personally, this is what creativity is about. It will express itself less in the fear of doing the same thing over again than in the desire not to go where one has already been”
— Gueorgui Pinkhassov