Why I’m not going to college, (By a 16 year old)

This probably makes no sense because I didn’t even plan on making it public. I promise futures stories will be better.

Today I will go to shoot with my production crew, we are currently in the 3rd or 4th day of shooting, I can’t remember exactly right now. There’s a problem though, I’m at school right now, and my production is now the top priority in my head, leaving school somewhere it second or third position. I’m sure I won’t do any of the work assigned, I’ll just like at websites and surf through countless of items I want to buy on amazon, but that is nothing new, and that’s almost sad except that it isn’t because that helps me get through the day.

I tried….I really have, but I just can’t get myself to do what I’m supposed to do. I don’t know what it is but I suppose it’s my lack of interest in a so called “future”, I really try to avoid sounding like most teenagers that complain at school, because they are lazy, and say they don’t want to sound everybody else. I’m tired of hearing people talking about going to college and getting a degree as the only way to be successful in this life, I just wish those people knew the people I know. I’m talking about immigrants, immigrants that didn’t even finish elementary school in their home countries, who came here to work extreme physically demanding jobs. Now stop for a moment, and picture the person I just describe picture them right now.

Now that you made an image in your head let me present you with the truth as to what they are now, this person now owns a company probably worth close to a more than 500k, lives in a house worth 350+k and never what an official education. This people are truly inspiring, they have climbed to the top because they did one thing that most people won’t dare to even think about, he took a chance he risked loosing everything…. he became his own boss. That right there is why most people will live relatively the same way their whole life, because of fear of starting their own venture, something that if managed properly can bring you things no job could ever offer, and that is why I’m probably not going to waste 100k on college when I can invest that same amount of money into my business.

Now feel free to go ahead and rip me apart in the comments.

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