A little story about my wanking addiction

Hello my name is Nick Ramsay and this is a little story on my wanking addiction. As of recently my average masturbation sessions per day had reached 17+. My addiction is ruining my family and work life, I was almost fired from my last job for rubbing one off under my desk unaware of my boss who was behind me. My family doesn’t talk to me anymore because my mum knows about my incest fetish and I am very very depressed. But is it all that bad?

It started when I was about 10, I started to play with myself at that age. I later started to use my dog Robby, I was caught however and the dog was taken away from our family. I started to wank more and more into my teen years. I used to be a straight male but because of the extreme level of kink porn I have been exposed to women now turn me off, right now I am going through a bestiality phase, however, I’m not allowed to own a pet. My dick now looks like a shrivelled up carrot. But the question still stands… Is is all bad or are there any benefits, if there are benefits what are they?

70+% of my internet usage is on porn and I need a premium plan. I have never talked to a female person a part from anyone in my family and all throughout high school, girls thought I was “creepy” and “weird” and that “I stared at them in a really weird way that made them feel unsafe”. I’m also not allowed in school zones and there are 4 retraining orders against me. But what are the positives?

Currently I work in an office doing filing, it is really hard to go long without ejaculating otherwise my balls will explode. I desperately need help and it is a genuine issue however there is nothing I can do to prevent it. I have lost my family, I have never had a partner excluding inflatable women and I cannot hold a job for very long. I’m the only person in my office who wears a tie and my boss thinks its because I’m a good worker(excluding the incident), but in reality I only use the tie to choke myself a little because it helps. I cannot wank unless I’m feeling pain and its genuinely fucked up and I’m aware of that.

In conclusion, my life is a mess. Be careful to not touch yourself too much or you’ll end up like me, simple.

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