Proof of Gods Existence

If there’s one thing I HATE! Its those filthy Atheists who spend there nights with there dicks in their hands cursing at god. This is a list of proofs of gods existence to get back at them!

  1. There JUST SO HAPPENS to be 1000 metres in 1 kilometre… What are the chances of that occurring naturally?
  2. If god wasn’t real then even if you used any method of retrieval of your facts as opposed to another set of uses for them over a certain period of time, how could you assume that the other facts are to be eliminated? Simple false logic!
  3. If natural selection was real, that would mean god would still have to be real because god would evolve into existence!
  4. Despite there being more than 13 species of fish on the planet I have only seen less than 5!
  5. Albert Einstein believed in God!
  6. The bible is a non-fiction book!
  7. How would sound travel is there was no God? Because every time a sound tried to travel through the air people would jump up into the air and stop the sound from travelling. If there was a God he would prevent that.
  8. Billy Johnson in 1978 murdered 16 prostitutes and hid all the bodies in the Golden Nash River, Texas… He was also an Atheist!