confusions of a five out of ten
Christopher May

Judging people on their physical appearance is the ultimate bigotry. It transcends race and gender. When I hear a guy tell a girl “You’re so beautiful!”, I can’t help but think, “How shallow!” She didn’t pick her genes, she had nothing to do with it. How is “good luck” a compliment? Just like “white privilege” there is “attractive privilege.” People who (unconsciously, perhaps) were accustomed to being treated preferentially because they were attractive only realize they were benefiting from it when they lost it — usually from aging. I heard a once very-pretty woman who had aged, let’s say, not gracefully, complain about store clerks. “I used to get great service, but now it’s like I’m invisible.” Well, Yeah! They were falling all over each other to wait on you, now it’s like “meh.” Welcome to the world of the rest of us.

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