Most ppl will think I am old fashioned or orthodox etc etc but I get the feeling some part of this…
I am

Right. Seems old-fashioned. But the evil legacy of the 60’s sexual revolution (and birth control pills) is the huge increase in STDs. HBV, HCV, HIV, HPV, HSV, the HTLVs, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, PID, and “the crabs”. HPV, passed along via oral sex, has resulted in a very large percentage increase in squamous cell carcinoma head and neck cancer with a delay of twenty+ years. A champion of the early fight against HIV/AIDS explained it to me this way. These diseases are “fires”. A change in sexual mores, “lots of people having sex with lots of people having sex with a lots of other people”, is the wind spreading the previously smoldering “fire.” Some recent good news: there’s a vaccine against HPV. Some recent bad news: gonorrhea is becoming resistant to antibiotics.

Be careful out there.

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