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Kevin Jonas
Jan 20 · 3 min read

Norton Backup tool also provides the security of your digital photo and important data and files safe and secure online backup. In case of your computer hard drive crashes, Norton Backup tool provides the recover with your files or other data loss problem, easily and fastly. Norton Online Backup provides the protection automatically your files, photos music and different important details data or files from loss.

Norton Online Backup tool ( 30 days free trial, $50) is the best software in the online backup in the world You use it and configure online. Your computer system is a client to interface Norton Online backup, but simply the unique thing may do with it is invoke the online interface. That can use your local software and schedule the online backup of your computer data to choose files and schedule backups.

Norton Online Backup tool provides Create backup online interface is completely good to look, and strong. Norton Online Backup it selects the files automatically, selects files bases on some set of rules other locations, or just add it one by one. My main objective is that scheduling, as simple to set, is banned to daily, weekly, or monthly settings. These ways you can not find the same ad hoc constant data protection that you can with Mozy, Fabric and other. Hence, Norton Online Backup is simply comfortable for less volatile data sets and also backups of off-hour.

Norton Backup tool will take the backup open files, and it did so many times for me, but it failed once with Outlook file, then after came back up successfully. The log said and that can not be backed up as” …unduly likely because of few other programs were using it at the time.” The Norton is examining it, but it was not clear at the time of this posted review. It will easily XP installation as well as uses. Norton Online Backup single Version also provides the Create backup online up to 5 GB data, and up to Five PCs total. There are further PCs than several services allow, and at $50 an Annual cost per GB is wholly competitive. A Norton Online Backup account is also charged a bundled free with Symantec’s Norton 360 security suite. You just get the 2 GB storage with the version of 360, costs of $60 and the 25 GB storage with the Premier version of 360, cost of $80.

You easily access your back-up files from everywhere through the web access part of the online interface. However, no option is available in case of the internet is down and no option to duplicate the backup locally your data. But, as online you will be e-mail links to your data then you will be sharing them with others. As a help to Norton 360, Norton Backup tool is something you get the benefits of. As for standalone it,s too competitive there is both feature and price-wise.

In this way, you need to Norton Backup tool, Create backup online Please visit our website to read the full article, If you need any further assistance, you can contact us a technical is available 24/7. In the help of Create backup online.

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